Colour Workflow

The colours on my computer monitor look different than the printed version.

Every commercial printer anywhere in the world has heard this but the problem can be eliminated by choosing either of these 2 simple options:

Option 1.  Use a graphic designer. To ensure that you are satisfied with your final product, it is recommended that you have a graphic designer create your artwork. Designers understand the correct color protocols, so you receive a quality result once printed. Contact us on 02 4782 2514 to discuss your requirements.

Option 2.  Call us and discuss your job: 02 4782 2514

We are always here to assist!
Whatever you do, please don't design in Microsoft Word, with images embedded from your digital camera, and expect the job to look like it does on your monitor.  It's just not going to happen. Artwork should always be created utilising design software. Remember, that if you are not comfortable with design programs, revert to option 1 and we can arrange your artwork for you at a reasonable cost. 


If you choose to create your own artwork utlising Photoshop or Illustrator, here is a good tutorial on managing colour: